Department Of Hepatology

PGI Chandigarh


Seminars for DM-residents and PhD Students are being held on every 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursday at Hepatology seminar room, level 2, C-Block, Nehru Hospital, PGIMER, Chandigarh. It encompasses topics from the field of clinical hepatology presented by the DM residents as well as basic and molecular sciences related to hepatology, which is presented by the PhD students. In addition to seminars symposiums on single theme topics are also conducted. Every Saturday the department holds a Journal Club in which the most recent published research in Hepatology is discussed. The department also conducts weekly Bedside-Clinics for DM residents to hone the bedside and clinical skills of the residents.

Sr. No. Seminar Topic Presenter Click
1. DM Seminar dated 25.1.2017 Modulation of gut micriobiota in management of hepatic encephalopathy Dr. Arka De
2. DM seminar dated 20.7.2017 Molecular virology of HCV and targets of therapies Dr. Arka De
3. DM seminar dated 17.08.2017 Stage based management protocols for HCC Dr.Dibyalochan Praharaj
4. DM Seminar dated 31.8.2017 Pathogenesis of newer management of alcoholic Hepatitis Dr. Amritangshu
5. DM seminar dated 21.09.2017 Structure, replication and life cycle of Hepatitis B virus Immunological mechanisms in treatment of Hepatitis B Dr. Saurabh Mishra
6. DM seminar dated 2.11.2017 Aetiopathogenesis and newer treatment of AIH Dr.Dibyalochan Praharaj
7. DM seminar dated 11.1.2018 Cholestatic Liver Diseases : PBC and PSC Dr. Saurabh Mishra
8. DM seminar dated 1.2.2018 LIVER FIBROSIS AND REGENERATION: Pathogenesis and signaling pathways: Non-invasive assessment of Fibrosis Dr. Surender Singh
9. DM Seminar dated 15.2.2018 Pathegenesis of NASH Novel biomarkers in NASH Newer therapies in NASH Dr. Akash Roy
10. DM seminar dated 1.3.2018 HCV treatment with DAAs Dr. Chander Bafna
11. DM Seminar dated 19.4.2018 Recent Treatment Targets in HCC Dr. Akash Roy
12. DM Seminar dated 16.8.2018 Refractory Ascites Dr. Akash Roy
13. DM Seminar dated 6.9.2018 AIH Overlap Syndromes: Diagnosis and Management Dr. Saurabh
14. DM Seminar dated 19.9.2018 DM Seminar Genetics in Liver Disease Dr. Babu Lal Meena
15. DM Seminar dated 20.9.2018 Symposium on Hepatic Encephalopathy Ms Madhu
16. DM Seminar dated 4.10.2018 LSymposium of biomarkers on AKI in cirrhosis Mr. Inderbhan
17. DM seminar dated 21.11.2018 Immunotherapy and SBRT in HCC Dr. Aswath V
18. DM Seminar dated 21.11.2018 Autophagy in HCC from pathophysiology to therapeutic response Ms Ramanpreet
19. DM Seminar dated 5.12.2018 Growth Hormone in Liver Cirrhosis and its Effect on Malnutrition/td> Ms Sunita
20. DM Seminar dated 5.12.2018 Sarcopenia In Cirrhosis : Diagnosis And Management Dr. Surender Singh