Department Of Hepatology

PGI Chandigarh

1. PGIMER Celebrates World Liver Day (19th April, 2019)

Globally, 19th April is celebrated as World Liver Day. This day is celebrated to increase the awareness about liver diseases and to prevent and treat liver diseases at an early stage when they can be cured. This occasion was celebrated by the Department of Hepatology, PGIMER, Chandigarh along with Prof. Jagat Ram, Director PGI, Prof, Arvind Rajwanshi, Dean PGI and team of liver transplant surgeons lead by Prof. Arunanshu Behera in the Liver clinic, New OPD Complex at PGIMER, Chandigarh.

Prof Jagat Ram, Director PGIMER, addressed the public and the patients and made them aware about the burden of liver disease in India and how to screen and prevent development of liver diseases. He also emphasized about maintaining healthy life style, balanced diet, regular exercise and role of vaccination for the prevention of liver diseases. The use of safe drinking water along with avoidance of excessive alcohol, smoking, junk food, tattooing, unprotected sex and illicit drugs abuse like cocaine, heroine, and marijuana in order to maintain a healthy liver was also highlighted.

He also sensitized the public about the need for organ donation and highlighted the achievements of Department of Hepatology and Liver Transplant Surgeons for running a successful liver transplantation programme with good outcomes at PGIMER,

Prof. Arvind Rajwanshi Dean PGIMER, also encouraged the public for healthy living and maintaining good and healthy liver.

Prof. Radha Krishan Dhiman along with team of Hepatology (Prof Ajay Duseja, Dr Sunil Taneja, Dr Madhumita Premkumar, Dr Nipun Verma, Senior Residents and entire staff of the Department) conducted health education talk for general public emphasizing the role of healthy activities, Do’s and Don’ts to maintain good and healthy liver.

Department conducted free viral hepatitis screening camp where more than 200 persons were screened for Hepatitis B and C.

2. Hands Hygiene Day celebrations 14 May 2019

SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands 5 May 2019

WHO calls on everyone to be inspired by the global movement to achieve universal health coverage (UHC), i.e. achieving better health and well-being for all people at all ages, including financial risk protection, access to quality essential health care services and access to safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all. Infection Prevention and Control, including hand hygiene, is critical to achieve UHC as it is a practical and evidence-based approach with demonstrated impact on quality of care and patient safety across all levels of the health system.

PGIMER campaign for Hand Hygiene Week – 6-11 May 2019

On 14 May, 2019, awards were distributed to Departments, individuals, etc for promoting the Hand Hygiene

Drs Madhumita Premkumar, Dr Babu Lal Meena and Dr Ashwat and Liver ICU from Department of Hepatology got awards for best practices in Hand Hygiene.