Department Of Hepatology

PGI Chandigarh

Liver ICU

The department has a 10 bedded Liver ICU, where patients with acute liver failure, acute on chronic liver failure, chronic liver disease, GI bleed and other acute hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases are being managed with state of the art facilities. Around 750-1000 such new patients who are very critical are admitted in the LICU every year. Patients undergoing Liver Transplant are also admitted in LICU pre and post Transplant. Intensive care in Hepatology is a specialty by itself and we are managing these patients with all expertise. Patients with liver failure are also worked up and counseled for the liver transplantation while they are admitted in the LICU. We are also coming up with a new 8 bedded Liver transplant ICU specifically dedicated to the post liver transplant patients.